Chaging from CPAP to BiPAP

  • hi everyone Just wondering if any of you have gone from CPAP to BiPAP? How did you find it? Did they get the pressures right? I am used to CPAP for 6 months now but have to go on to BiPAP but my first try was a disaster as it felt like a vacuum cleaner sucking my face off it was so strong!

  • Hey Carolyn, I've been on a Bipap for about five years but can vividly remember having to get used to it. The nurse at the sleep clinic gave me the honest truth when she said "You will hate this and it will feel terrible for a couple of weeks." It did feel awful and like nothing I had ever experienced up till then. It only took a couple of weeks though and now unless I have a leak I really cannot feel it anymore. I can certainly feel when I don't have it on though. I've had to up the pressure settings a couple of times since I started. Good luck with yours. Sarah.

  • This Breathe with MD Support Group is a great interactive resource for anyone with a form of MD needing advice with respiratory equipment.

  • @Sarah thank you so much for that advice Sarah! did you go straight to BiPAP or CPAP first? I've been on auto CPAP for 6 months now......

  • @rainrtr4878-gmail-com-1 That's a good idea thanks I will join that group.

  • I've been on BiPap for as long as I can remember, so I have no experience in switching from CiPap to BiPap,

    But I can relate to having some bad or uncomfortable settings over the years. This is probably obvious so I'm sure you know how important it is to have a good relationship with a respiratory doctor and sleep clinic doctors. To have any changes or settings done to the machine whenever needed.

  • And don't be too stressed over the odd feeling, I still have some issues whenever settings to the machine are made. You kind of have to teach yourself to breathe in sync with the machine. Over time this gets easier.

  • @Anthony thanks mate that is reassuring - I'll see how I go when I get the machine soon!

  • @Sarah Hey Carolyn no went straight to Bipap. I guess though Cpap is a continuous stream of air. Bipap you have the push and pull so would be a very different feel.

  • @Sarah That's basically it, yeah. CiPap is just air blowing into lungs, bipap is more like short controlled bursts of air that should give you that extra boost. Just have to get used to it :).

  • Hey Sarah, Anthony and Rainr I switched to BiPAP on Saturday for second time, the settings were adjusted to be lower so I could tolerate it. I tested it in my chair upright this time, and wanted to see what it felt like before I tried at sleep time. It was weird feeling at first watching my chest wall go in and out so much but I took to it fairly quickly. I tried it that night and low and behold after a lot of nerves I slept with it all night. and the next night! So proud of myself. Hopefully I can keep it up. Thanks for your support. This is an awesome forum - lets get more people on it! cheers, Carolyn

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