Just a question. How do the tags and subcategories work?

  • And is there a reason palliative care is continually displying in the Wellness section?

  • Hi Sarah,
    Good questions! We're still working out a few things ourselves 🙂 Tags help with searching for a topic, so adding tags will help others find it, if they are looking for similar information. As to how you add tags? I would think it's just by putting a hashtag at the start of the word. I'll try: #tags #subcategories
    I'll also look into the palliative care subcategory and get back to you with some answers! (I suspect newer subcategories are automatically added to the top) Right? @Meerkats-Admin

  • Sorry for the delay on following up. Palliative Care is a subcategory of Wellness. I created a new subcategory called Mental Health. Now I know how to add them if there's any you'd like to see, let me know.

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