Power Wheelchair Users

  • What do you love about your current chair and what doesn't work as well as it could?

    I got a new power wheelchair in December and the things I love about the new chair are. GPS on the new chair. I didn't have this on my old chair and everytime I went over an uneven surface I would drift and feel as if I wasn't in control of the chair. GPS removes that feeling and the need to constantly correct. It also makes reversing backwards down hills doable. So I love love love my GPS. Second thing was lights which I didn't even really know I would need until I was talked into them. If you get out and about having lights that you can switch on helps a lot. Third thing is the second set of controls for tilt and elevate sitting under my arm rests. So much easier then having to constantly use the hand control and switch modes etc. Mine is just velcroed under the armrest so they don't stick out at all.

    These are my new loves, I was already in love with tilt and elevate.

    No real dislikes for this one.

    What are you loving or hating about your chair?

  • I have a Permobil C350 and I love everything! I love the tilt,recline, foot up and power elevation. I love the pedometer so I can see far I travel (not that I am going far now!) I love its reliability and design.
    BUT they aren't making rear wheel drives anymore so that is a real bummer! How am I gonna get used to mid or front wheel drive when Ive had a rear wheel for over 30 years! What type of chair do you have Sarah?

  • @Carolyn Hi Carolyn, sorry for disappearing for a while. I have an Invacare Storm. My second one of the same type just with a few more add on this time. I'd love a pedometer though. That sounds like a great thing to have.

  • Hopefully by early next year I'll be driving my new everyday chair. I've had my current Quantum 6000z chair for almost a decade now, and will be getting an Ottobock B6R rear-wheel drive chair. Gonna be a bit of an adjustment period going from a mid-wheel drive to a rear-wheel drive again.

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