Community Guidelines for The Loop’s Forum

  • Respect
    This is the most important Forum rule, so we’ve put it at the top. Remember to be kind and respectful of others on the Forum, even if you disagree with them. What’s amazing about this Forum is that it brings people together from across Australia. People from different backgrounds and possibly with different opinions to you.

    Your safety is important, so we advise you not to share personal details or personal information about yourself, or your family in the Forum.

    Direct Messaging (chat) and Closed Groups are about personal connections but remember to use common sense and decide how much personal information you want to share with others.

    Report/flag any bad behaviour, like a breach of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, by flagging the user in their profile. The Forum moderator or the owner of a Closed Group you are a member of will follow up with an appropriate action.

    Reporting can be made by:

    Flagging the user by clicking on their profile and then on the button to the right of their profile picture and selecting Flag user.
    email – send an email to
    Direct Messaging a Moderator
    Mind your language
    In the general parts of the Forum, please be aware that anyone can see what you have written. Comment as if you were in a public place like a library or in a meeting, no swearing or cursing!

    Benefit of the Doubt
    Healthy communities are where all members engage with each other in good faith and assume the best of others within the community. In chat form, things people say don’t always come across as intended. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

    What’s OK
    Sharing information and stories
    Asking questions
    Seeking support or advice from your fellow community members
    Sharing your experience
    Giving ideas or suggestions in a supportive way
    Supporting your fellow community members
    Being mindful and supportive of others
    Enjoying the community

    What’s not OK

    Abusing, bullying, harassing (including sexual harassment), discriminating against or defaming your fellow community members
    Frequent or excessive profanity/swearing
    Inappropriate content including violent or sexualised images
    Spam, copyrighted material or advertising links
    Being mean or wilfully disruptive
    Making slanderous, untrue or defamatory comments about businesses - because they could attempt sue you for defamation
    Creating multiple accounts or identities. If you can’t access your account, please let us know and we will assist you.

    Terms of Use
    Privacy policy

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